Tips To Keeping Your Yard And Garden Looking Beautiful

Winter can leave your yard dull and wet, but once the sun starts shining and warming things up it’s time to make it all beautiful again. Well into spring now, hopefully you’ve already started tending to your yard and garden.


Some areas of the globe have been fighting drought conditions, which can turn a normally lush and green lawn brown, and kill and crops or flowers you once had growing beautifully.


Start By Fertilizing


Both your yard and garden can use some extra nutrients to get back to their normal beauty after a long cold winter. While by now you should have already done this step, but it’s never too late if you haven’t.


Hi Quality Turf suggests that you take some time to fertilize your lawn and your garden. With the spring and summer rains your grass will start growing like a weed, so you may need to mow a little more often. However, the end result is worth the extra work.


Water Your Plants And Lawn


If you’re not getting enough rain, especially when spring rains stop or slow down, you may need to set up a sprinkler systemfor your lawn. Or, like with your flower beds, just water each day by hand.


If you are in an area with a drought this is more difficult a task. If it’s legal to collect rainwater in your area on the occasion it does rain you can save a little extra for the next days watering.


Don’t Forget To Weed


Weeds are a pain in the butt, but you have to take care of them or they will take over and they’ll make your garden and lawn look horrible. For flower beds there are many weeding tricks, such as planting your items over a weed barrier cloth.


For your yard, one of the best things to do is fertilize and get a thick, lush, and full lawn growing so it chokes out the weeds. You might even get rid of the dandelions this way, although they make great wine and jam.


These are just three of the easy things you can do to make your yard look better and to help keep your flower beds looking bright and beautiful. You can also do this with your food garden.

Just remember to harvest vegetables from gardens regularly when they are ready. Mow your lawn often to help keep it from looking like a jungle. And weed your flower beds so you don’t start to wonder where the weeds end and your flowers begin!

If you are older and have problems bending or kneeling to do your weeding you can look to hiring a local teen to help out. You can also hire out your mowing for a small weekly fee and save yourself some time and energy on lawn care.

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