The Top Tips for Brightening Up Your Home

There are many advantages to brightening up your home. It can lift the vibe of the entire house, while simultaneously making spaces seem larger. So, if you are dealing with a dark or dreary area, it is time to lighten it up.

The good news for you is that there are many different ways that you can manage this. Here are the top tricks that you can employ:

Install Larger Windows

The easiest way to brighten up a space is to let more sunlight in. And, how do you do this? That’s right, you increase the surface area through which the light can enter your home. If your home has smaller windows, then it is time to change things up. You can get a better idea of how to manage this project by contacting Canadian Choice replacement windows in Whiterock, BC. They will be able to show you the options available to you.

Now, there are two main choices for you here. First, you can simply choose a different design. There are some frames such as bay frames, protrude outwards. As such, they provide greater surface area without requiring more wall space. Or, you can decide to make the space around the frame wider. You can learn more about replacement windows in Delta, BC by heading to the relevant website.

Opt for Light Colored Furniture

Most people tend to select darker furniture, particularly when it comes to wooden pieces. Now, this does make sense. After all, darker hues can make a space seem cozier. They also don’t show dirt or damage as easily. Nevertheless, it is time to make a switch.

Light furniture can do quite a bit to brighten up a room. This is especially true for small spaces. Don’t just choose lighter hues for wood, though. Do so with fabric as well. Now, in case you are worried about going too light, focus on light greys, creams, and beiges.

Add More Metal Fixtures

Bright and shiny metals work in the same manner as mirrors. That is to say, they reflect light. This way, they bounce light around the room, making it appear brighter. You don’t have to go overboard with only selecting metal fixtures or décor. Instead, look for statement pieces that you can place around the room, particularly opposite windows.

As for the materials, consider gold and silver for a more elegant look. If you would prefer something more rustic, copper and rose gold will work well. Do this artfully and the effect will be astounding.

Go with Open Shelving

Do various rooms in your home have closed cupboards and cabinets? Believe it or not, this could actually be making rooms appear darker. This is because much of the wall – especially ones with light paint – are being covered up.

So, in places like the living room, opt for open or floating shelves. This exposes more of the wall, making the room feel lighter. What’s more, since there is more space between the shelves, the room will appear larger and more spacious as well.

These are the top tips that you need to know for brightening up a room. They really can make all the difference.

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