The Top Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing an Accent Chair

Accent chairs, no matter how simple, will always make a statement – and the accent chair you choose will often showcase your style and personality as well. In fact, just like other major pieces of furniture, an accent chair and its various elements that include its base, its upholstery, its shape, and its style can help determine the room’s overall theme and influence its entire look. But since there are a plethora of accent chairs out there, you need to decide on your accent chair based on your preferences, needs, and style and design aesthetic. Here, then, are the top questions you should ask yourself when choosing an accent chair.

  1. How important is form over function?

Know this: the shape of your accent chair will have a significant impact on its comfort, which means that you have to consider your seating preference as carefully as possible. Think about who will use the chair, how long they will use it, and so on. If you want something eye-catching and more for form rather than function, consider a wishbone or butterfly chair, which has a great silhouette. But if you’re looking for somewhere you can lounge in and have long conversations, think of deep seats, high backs, and soft cushioning. A well-padded club, tub, or barrel chair would be brilliant for relaxing.

  1. What other pieces of furniture or décor do I have in the space?

Another essential question you should ask yourself is the kind of furniture or décor you already have in the space so you can take them into account when choosing your accent chair. If, for instance, you have an area that’s sleek and streamlined, you may want an accent chair which has a more organic feel with a flowing, natural shape to keep the area from feeling too austere or stark. Wingback chairs, for example, can bring some gracefulness to a tough, masculine area. You can also go for bolder metallic chairs for an organic-looking space or iconic chairs which can soften the industrial look of a modern space. On the other hand, if you would like to reinforce your existing aesthetic, then go with an accent chair that can play up the current angles in your décor and furniture.

  1. What colour will complement my scheme?

Choosing the right colour for your chair can be a bit tricky, so you have to decide whether you need more energy in the room or something a bit more calming. You can also add to your colour choices by looking at other details in the room, such as throw pillows, artwork, a carpet or rug, and other decorative elements or pieces. If you want an accent chair in white, grey, black, or brown, you can choose one with a raw or rough texture or a unique shape to make it look fresh. If you are planning to place the accent chair against bold wallpaper or a wall in jewel tones, choose one in a more subtle and muted colour so it doesn’t clash with the wall.

If you’re interested in patterns, make sure the pattern you choose doesn’t look chaotic when placed next to other furniture pieces. Floral or damask prints may liven up a neutral or monochrome space, but it will look too overwhelming in an area which already has patterned bedding or sofas.

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