The Luxury of Marble Bathrooms

The use of marble is nothing new. It was used by many ancient civilisations in construction and its quality and durability are just two of its characteristics. It looks fabulous; a real touch of luxury. The increasing importance that today’s consumer is putting on the ‘smallest room in the house’ makes marble an ideal choice for the bathroom. Marble can create something different to make a house stand out from similar homes.


The important thing to remember if you are considering marble is that you need to go to someone that understands the need for quality. In the case of marble it can be scratched and it does stain so it is important to use a supplier that has rightly earned a good reputation for providing quality. Marble must be properly sealed and then maintained but the finish is certainly worth the effort.

If you decide on a natural stone bathroom you will not be disappointed. The investment will pay back in adding value to a property which should always be a consideration.


Pattern and Colour

Marble is a form of limestone, formed under pressure. It is a hard substance that comes in a huge variety of patterns and colours. It means that it can fulfil anyone’s design needs. When it comes to grout between the tiles it is important to select something that looks just as natural. If the tiling is done well then a floor or wall will look as if it was just a single slab of marble.

Lots of people like doing DIY but working with stone presents a real challenge. It is certainly not worth risking the final job when there are people who work with stone every day and can guarantee the finish that is intended. Marble is not cheap and a mistake can be costly. The first part of the exercise is the cutting which in the hands of a good company will meet the standards required.


There is a good deal of planning that goes into a bathroom. It is important to make the best of the space available. If there is plenty of space there may be room for both a bath and a separate shower, with or without a cubicle. Nowadays many decide that a small cubicle is too restrictive; lack of space is now the main reason why a small cubicle would not be installed.

With marble adding the colour and pattern to the bathroom, the choice of toilet, basin and bath together with fittings can be everything from plain white to the main colour that the marble presents. Good suppliers are likely to have websites that can show the range of marble available and answer most of anyone’s questions. Such companies understand the meaning of service and will happily discuss ideas and make a quotation without obligation.

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