Solid Hardwood Vs Engineered Hardwood from Gohaus

When we talk about durability and beauty, both types of wood flooring including solid hardwood floor and engineered hardwood floors are good for homeowners. Their tough surface can stand up to active homes. However, both GoHaus engineered hardwood flooring and solid have different performance attributes. But there are obvious differences between the two types of wood flooring. Let us explore in detail how solid wood flooring compares to the engineered wood flooring and how could home or office owners can make their lives better by choosing the right one?

The fact about solid wood flooring is that it is permanently nailed to the subfloor. The installers who install that wood often prefer to leave a gap between the floor and the wall because of the contraction and expansion problems in the solid wood flooring due to change of seasons. This is also done to make the effects of wood swelling less, but this type of wood flooring is not idea for all parts of the home and also should not be installed in the parts where there is no plywood or oriented strand board floors are installed.

As compared to solid hardwood, the engineered floors a modern sophisticated designed manufactured with enhanced technology that provides better stability to the users. The best thing is due to everyday wear and tear; the wood becomes affected, the engineered hardwood is not subject to rippling or every day wear and tear as compared to solid hardwood. Moreover, solid hardwood floors are more likely to expand or shrink in different seasons depending upon the humidity level of home and the temperature. That makes them less useful choice for many types of homes and homeowners.

Now if we consider engineered hardwood floors, they are more resistant to water and humidity lives; they offer a bit more stability than solid hardwood flooring. The water is the worst thing that damages any wood if it lies there for a long time, therefore increased moisture levels are bad for hardwood that is not an issue anymore in the engineered hardwood floors.

The solid hardwood, on the other hand, cannot go over the concrete under the right conditions; it can only be stapled or glued to a subfloor in the house or office. This makes it difficult to install the solid hardwood and without the help of professionals, it is extremely difficult to install the solid hardwood. On the other hand, the installation of engineered hardwood is not so challenging. This type of wood flooring can either glue to or nailed down to the floor and can also be installed as floating floors.

When someone inexperienced installs the solid hardwood floors, they are more likely to make damages by not leaving more space for its natural contraction and expansion due to moisture. The fixing of boards can be too loose or tight due to which they can damage or buckle the floor. Moreover, if the gaps are too loose, the board will expand too much in the winter season that will be another headache for the homeowners. Therefore the demerits of using solid hardwood as compared to engineered hardwood are obvious.

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