Removing Snow from Your Property: Is It Really That Important?

Depending on the amount of snowfall in the area, regular snow removal is not only advised but is also necessary for multiple reasons. While you shouldn’t really go about removing snow from your property right in the middle of a storm or a particularly heavy snowfall, it’s best that you act as soon as you get the chance. Since it is hard work and no one really looks forward to it, it isn’t uncommon to see people skipping the chore. To give yourself some impetus, consider the following reasons as to why getting snow off the property should most definitely be a priority during the winter months.

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Legal Issues

Whether it’s personal property or commercial, the owner is liable if someone slips and hurts themselves due to the snow buildup on the property. This means that a person can actually sue you if they slip on the snow that you have so “negligently allowed” to gather on your property! While it may sound unfair at times, it’s part of the premises liability laws governing most states in the US.

It Gets Harder

The thing about snow accumulation is that it gets harder with every hour that you neglect it. Shovel regularly and as often as you can to keep the workload to a minimum. If you let it sit undisturbed for too long, snow may turn into ice and the accumulated weight of all that snow and ice will not be easy to shovel by any means.

It’s Bad for Business

In a commercial establishment, removing snow becomes even more important. Apart from the fact that there is the constant fear of multiple people suing for slipping and hurting themselves, it also reflects poorly on your establishment’s outlook and maintenance. All business establishments should be cleared of snow on a continual basis.

Property Damage

It may look nice during the holiday season, but when snow is allowed to accumulate on your property and especially the roof, you can expect gutter damage, frozen pipes, ice dams, leaks, attic condensation, and even roof collapse in rare cases. If you have a tree nearby, be sure to get excess snow off it as well because it’s quite common for a frozen tree with too much snow on it to break and fall on a house; even just a heavy branch can do significant damage.

General Safety

At the end of the day, the most important reason for shoveling snow daily is safety for yourself and everyone else. Snow itself is not as dangerous, but once it turns into ice, it gets slippery enough to even cause motor accidents, not to mention dangerous falls.

Every year, quite a large number of people suffer from cardiac arrests while trying to shovel a snow build-up that’s too much work for just a shovel. Be safe and hire snow removal companies if you have a heart condition or if it’s too much work, especially if it’s a large piece of property we are talking about.

As we can see, removing snow is very important and even a legal obligation. However, one needs to be practical about it, so bear in mind the above tips and stay safe!

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