Pros and Cons of a Walk-in Area for Your Shower in the Bathroom

A nice warm shower does not only clean your body, but it also gives you that relaxing feeling. If you love these long warm shower moments, you must also love the setup of your bathroom to make the most out of it. Aside from the standard shower pods, cubicles, or enclosures, glass panels that let you easily walk-in the shower are also a good addition to the bathroom. There are pros and cons to having a walk-in area for your shower and we have listed them below.

Walk-in Area Pros

One of the many benefits of having a walk-in area for your shower is that it brings convenience in getting into the shower. Going to the bathtub can be difficult for those with disability or mobility problems, as well as for old people and pregnant women. It would be a challenge to get in and out of the bathtub. A walk-in area for the shower can resolve this concern.

Walk-in showers also keep the water within the shower area. This is helpful especially if the rest of the room is not waterproof. Towels and clothes will not get wet. Walk in showers are also a simple way to add a luxurious touch to your bathroom. The shower panels are also easy to clean. Although the glass acts as a separator between the shower area and the other parts of the bathroom, it doesn’t really make the room smaller because you can still see the rest of the bathroom even if you are inside or outside the shower area. There are also fewer parts on the panels, making them less prone to breaking, thus making them last longer.

Walk-In Area Cons

Having a walk-in shower area also has some disadvantages. One of them is that since it is not fully covered, hot air will not be contained in the shower area. It will not be as warm and relaxing as one that is completely enclosed or a bathtub that lets you have a long warm bath. Its lack of a door can also be a disadvantage to some people, as they may feel too open and uncomfortable. Also, you can see through the glass so it may feel like there is less privacy.

These are just some of the pros and cons of having a walk-in area for the shower of your bathroom. Think functionality and practicality before considering luxury or other factors when contemplating which type of shower would suit your needs best. It is recommended that you weigh up all factors thoroughly so you can make your decision and still be happy with it even in the long run.


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