How to Decorate Your Office

If you’re going to be spending the majority of your working life sat in an office, then you should at least ensure that it is a pleasant experience by making it your own. You’re less likely to drive yourself mad if you customise it to match your own personality.

A lot of companies give their employees the freedom to decorate their offices however they like. If this applies to you, and you’re struggling to decide on how you would like to do this, then here are a few tips to help you get started.

Stay Professional

While it can be tempting to add some more “fun” elements to your office, such as the miniature golf set you see CEO’s playing with in movies, it’s important to remain professional – as you are still representing the company. Clients and prospective business partners will not be impressed if it doesn’t look like much work gets done in your office.

This doesn’t mean that you have to make everything boring, it’s just something to think about when decorating. The likes of Google can get away with a really eccentric look, with lots of quirks and fun features, but this isn’t the case in most places.

Office Furniture

This is probably where most of your budget will go, so you want to make sure you purchase real high-quality furniture that will last you a long time. Poor, cheap products will be instantly recognisable and will bring down the entire look of the room.

Because of the amount of time you will likely spend in your office, it’s important to choose something that not only looks good, but is comfortable. An ergonomic chair will provide optimum comfort levels, and will reduce the risk of pains and aches that generally come with sitting around all day.

Decorative Items

There will undoubtedly be a number of personal, decorative items that don’t actually serve much purpose – but they will make the place feel like your own. Think about things like plants (remember to keep them watered!) and rugs, possibly even personal photographs of you and your family.

Where you can really get creative, however, is with art work. Liven up the walls a little with some of your favourite pieces of art, whether that’s a painting, drawing or photograph. It will allow you to look much more cultured, and your colleagues will be impressed by how interesting your office is.

The Essentials

A number of items are essential to the office, but this doesn’t mean you can’t personalise them and make them a perfect fit for the overall tone of your space. Lamps, clocks (besides the one on your computer) and bookcases all have their uses and can really improve the look of the room.

In terms of lighting, there are a number of stylish options available, both for the floor and the desk. Choose something that’s suitable in terms of both looks and convenience – the same goes for clocks – and you won’t be disappointed with the results.

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