How Blinds Have Become a Favourite in the Modern-Day Family Home

Once upon a time it was curtains donning every street in the neighbourhood, but now those draped textiles have been largely replaced by blinds. Of course, we’re by no means suggesting that the age of the curtain is over, but it would certainly be fair to say that blinds are becoming the preferred choice for a lot of homes around the country.

Particularly when it comes to the modern-day family home, the preference seems perfectly understandable. In a house full of children, pets and general stress – blinds can make life that little bit easier. Here, we take a look at some of the reasons why the typical modern-day family home is more suited to this type of window treatment.


It might be the kids or the pet dog, but something usually gets damaged or needs cleaning every so often. Unfortunately, the draped nature of curtains means that they usually fall into the firing line – whether it’s greasy handprints, splattered mud from the dog or even a pot of paint that’s gone flying. Unfortunately, as a lot of parents have found the hard way, curtains and families aren’t exactly a match made in heaven.

Of course, the same could happen with blinds. All of the above scenarios could quite possibly occur – but the difference here is that blinds are so much easier to maintain.

In the case of the curtains, they have to be taken down, washed, and possibly ironed, before being rehung. As most families will tell you, particularly when work gets in the way of chores, the above process can take an absolute age to complete.

When it comes to blinds on the other hand, the material often dictates that simply wiping will eliminate any damage or spills. There’s certainly no need to take them down and in most cases, and obviously with the solid materials like wood, a washing machine isn’t required. Recommended Read (Replacing your windows doesn’t need to be a pane)

Staying green (and saving money)

There’s no doubt that we’re well and truly in a green era, where every tip that can slash money from our energy bills is being implemented. While blinds don’t have a significant impact during the winter, in the summer there is certainly a larger degree of flexibility.

The ability to control how much light, and subsequently heat, enters the room can make life much cooler. If you do take advantage of any sort of air conditioning, this naturally means that you don’t have to rely on it as much.

Maintaining privacy and security

It could be said that the family home takes privacy and security a little more seriously than other types of property, which is probably why the top-down shades have soared in popularity over recent years.

Once blinds were only operated by pulling the material downwards, but the top-down approach means that the blinds can be operated from both sides. It means that you can still allow natural light to flow into the kid’s bedroom, but at the same time boast a larger degree of privacy as the lower portion of the window can be disguised.

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