Fine hardwood flooring 


They can be beautifully crafted, unbelievable practical and they play a massive role in the overall experience of space. When entering a room, you might not notice them at first, because why should you? Floors are essential to a room no matter whether it is in a large sports hall, an enormous lecture hall or even on a stage. Despite the venue or the purpose of the room, fine hardwood flooring is an excellent choice.


Hardwood floors have an incredibly long lifespan. They are easy to maintain and to assemble. So are you on the lookout for new flooring, perhaps for a sports or lecture hall then Danish Junckers is an excellent choice? The hardwood floors are based and Danish traditions of formidable craftsmanship and design, which ensures that you get fantastic floors in durable and amazing quality. But what makes floors from Junckers more special than other fine hardwood floors? Well, the answer lies in the brand mission and vision.

On a visionary mission

The fine hardwood floors are soaked with a vision of resource optimization. This means that nothing goes to waste. All the timber logged is utilized in the best possible way. This makes it possible for everyone right from students to professional athletes to walk and perform on a floor that has been produced sustainably. The brand also has more than 85 years of experience with flooring. As a result, hardwood floors from Junckers are constantly evolving and suited to every need – particularly when it comes to fine hardwood sports floors. These floors can be specifically made for various sporting activities such as basketball or dancing. However, there are several things you should keep in mind when choosing floors for a dance studio, stage or sporting venue.

What to look out for when choosing floors for venues

Are you looking to purchase a hardwood sports floor for your institution or employer? You should keep the activity in mind. For instance, most ball games with high pace and many changes of direction require floors with good friction – the perfect amount lies between the values of 80 to 110. Over 110 the floor becomes too rough and below 80 it is too smooth. Are you looking for floors for a gymnasium? You should consider the rolling load. Maybe you need the room for multiple purposes e.g. sports and high school dances and concerts. The rolling load indicates how much weight the floor can withstand without being damaged. Have you become interested in hardwood floors, and do you want to learn more, then, you can find hardwood floors here.

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