Coordinating Home Improvements with Family Travel

What’s the next major home improvement project on your list?  Is it a big one you and your family have planned for some time that requires a contractor?  When faced with those jobs I’ve always schedule the project so that the contractor does it at a time when we are ready for a family trip.  For example, this year we are taking the kids to visit their grandparents for the Veteran’s Day holiday weekend.  So we’ve scheduled to have a contractor redo our basement that same week.  They’ll install new lighting and wiring so we can use the basement as our game room and entertainment space for future family events and activities.

We’ve already ordered our plane tickets from Travelocity for this trip.  We could drive, but I figure it is better for us to enjoy the trip rather than deal with the strain of holiday driving.  But I will take advantage of a Groupon promo code to save 5% on a Payless car rental at the airport; once we get there we can drive around the town and even do a little sightseeing during our visit.  I know my dad has always wanted to see the holiday parade with his grandchildren, so I just might agree to drive in town early, so they can enjoy the event.  Then we may go see the football game and homecoming activities.   My wife isn’t into parades or football; she and my mom will be checking out the local boutiques for the biggest holiday deals.  We’ll all be together when we get together and have our last big family meal of the season.  After we leave they will be hunkering down for the winter season.

All of this is possible because I scheduled the basement upgrade work to coincide with the trip.  This is our policy; whenever we have a major home improvement we take a family trip while the work is done.  When we get home the basement will look like new, and we’ll have plenty to do.  By using a Groupon coupon we’ve not only managed to get our tickets at significant savings, we also got a car and plenty of travel while visiting our family.  And we’ll have the refurbished home waiting to greet us when we return.



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