Bathroom Remodelling: 6 Dos and Don’ts

When you’re remodelling your bathroom, the end result can leave you happy and content for years to come – or regretting every day the time you spent on bathroom renovation. If you do the job right you will be rewarded with a fantastic, useable space but mess up on any aspects of the work and you will be reminded of your mistakes every time you use the facilities. Planning ahead and setting a realistic budget are two things you should do to ensure the success of the project. These additional dos and don’ts will also help you manage the bathroom redesign from start to finish.


  1. Do Save Room in the Budget for Unexpected Costs

You can plan for a lot of eventualities but sometimes you’ll encounter a problem you never even knew existed. Save some money aside to deal with issues that could force your bathroom project off-track, such as hidden water damage or pipes that cannot be moved.

  1. Do Choose Surfaces for Function as well as Style

Your bathroom surfaces are important not just for their aesthetics – they take a lot of wear and need to be robust enough for the job. Granite and quartz surfaces are not just for the kitchen, as they can also function well in the bathroom. Stainless steel sinks are hard-wearing and durable, and also give a modern finish to the room. Also bear in mind the size of floor and wall tiles – too small and you’ll soon have problems with the amount of grout you need to keep them together.

  1. Do Spend on the Shower

A luxurious tub is great, but you will get far more use out of the shower – so says Make the most of the space in your bathroom by installing a multi-purpose shower unit that also gives you a full spa experience. You could choose a steam shower, or a shower with double shower heads. You don’t necessarily have to go without a tub, but consider spending more on the shower than the bath.

  1. Don’t Rush Things

Proper planning is essential when you are remodelling the bathroom and while you may want it completed as soon as possible, you shouldn’t skip tasks and try to plan everything in super-quick time.

  1. Consider When You Need Expert Help

You can save money by doing it all yourself, but you may end up spending more in the long run. Leave complicated tasks and fixture installations to the professionals otherwise you risk being left with an expensive mess to clear up. The money spent choosing excellent quality tile and fittings can be wasted if the installation makes them look cheap and nasty.

  1. Don’t Forget About Water Use

Make sure you consider the efficiency of the installations in the bathroom that use water, as this is important as we enter an age where water is increasingly valuable. Miscalculating the amount of water you will use also causes problems with your water heater, which may have problems keeping up.

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