Assessing the Number of Downlights You Need at Home

So, you are finally convinced that downlights are beneficial and you will get a lot of advantages in using them at home. You have also decided to let go of your old traditional bulbs and stick with these more modern and better-looking lights. The question is, how many of them do you have to buy? You have to balance your needs versus the cost. Generally speaking, LED downlights are more expensive than regular lights. You need to be careful in choosing how many to use at home so you will make the most out of your money. Here are some tips to help you decide how many downlights to use.

Uniform spacing

These lights must be uniformly spaced on the ceiling and properly arranged in a grid-like pattern following the shape of the room. This will ensure that the lights are properly distributed. You should also consider the shadows cast once the lights are on. Once you have figured out the space needed in between lights, you can estimate how many lights are necessary.

Consider the wall of the room

The lights must be at least 80 cm away from the walls. This will stop the light from hitting the walls as this would deem the lights useless. If there is wall-mounted furniture or decorations, they should also be taken into consideration. They will most likely block the light from entering.

Check the size of the fittings

The distance between downlights must vary depending on the size of the fittings. Casings that are at least 4 inches in diameter must be 4 feet apart from each other, 5 inches should be 5 feet apart, and so on. Proper spacing is essential so you won’t waste money on lights you don’t need.

Aesthetic purpose

Ultimately, you will still feel the need for having more lights or less of them depending on how great they look once turned on. You can’t see it unless you buy the lights but you can visualise the results by looking at samples online. It also helps if you consult a lighting expert so the final result will be amazing.

Once you see the effects of transforming your regular lights at home into LED downlights, you will realise that cost is not necessarily a big issue. Even if you spend a lot, if you can benefit from it in many ways, it will be worth the price.

Visit for more information about using LED downlights. Just check the samples and determine if they would look good once placed at home. Installing downlights correctly in your home with optimal spacing will make your home look much more dramatic.


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