5 Things You Should Include on Your Local Business Website

Even local business owners need to make a serious effort when it comes to their website. Otherwise, other local competitors are going to get their noses in front. Whether you’re a plumber or the owner of a small construction business, there are several things you need to include on your website so your customers not only have a better user experience, but also access to the information they need to know whether you’re a business that can cater to their needs.

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1.    Simple Contact Form

Small local business owners now take advantage of the WordPress platform for their website needs. WordPress makes it very easy to include contact forms on any page you desire – so basing your website on a strong foundation like WordPress will pay dividends. Many businesses are now seeing the benefits of implementing a simple contact form at the bottom of the homepage on a one-page website design. You can see how Clean and Clear MN – a local exterior home cleaning business, has taken advantage of this.

2.    Business Registration Information

If potential customers don’t trust your brand from the get go, you’re going to lose customers to your competitors. Therefore, providing your customers with the right information is integral to the success of your website. It’s crucial you add your registered business information so they can research and see if you’re legit. The problem is, many businesses out there aren’t operating as a registered business, and that could mean they’re not liable if any of the services they provide go wrong.

3.    Social Media Icons

Social media is playing a massive part in promoting small and large businesses these days, so leaving your social media contacts easily findable on the homepage is a wise choice. Many businesses place social media icons in the top navigation bar where they’re easy to find. Promoting your social media pages could reward you with a better search engine presence.

4.    Local Map

Another effective way of building trust among the local people is to display a map of where your business resides. This gives them the opportunity to research your brand further. Again, WordPress has many plugins available that can help you integrate a map with ease.

5.    Latest Testimonials

An effective way of showing interested customers what a great service you provide is to display your most recent testimonials from customers who’ve had nothing but an excellent service. Word of mouth is a reliable marketing technique and, if you can get the local people talking about your brand, you’re going to benefit from more customers and less need to invest heavily in advertising and marketing.

The above additions to your site will boost conversions – that’s almost inevitable. They’re only simple additions that aren’t going to take too much time and effort to implement. So, if you’re serious about your business and you want to fend off other local competitors, the above additions are important points to consider when it comes to your website.

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