3 Tips to Sell Your House Faster

With the housing market on the rise, now is a great time to sell you home! Real estate prices are rising, but haven’t yet reached their peak. For you this means you can get the most for your home without prices being so high it slows the selling process.


With a few pointers, the right help, and the right listing price the process of selling your home can be a much more successful and much less stressful experience. It is good to keep in mind that home selling is part art, part science, part marketing, and part negotiation, Buyers usually know within 60 seconds of being in a home whether or not they would consider buying it, so remember first impressions are everything.


Curb Appeal


I cannot stress the importance of curb appeal enough. The first thing a potential buyer sees is the outside of your home, and can decide immediately if they can see themselves there. You aren’t just selling your home, you are selling an idea, a dream, if you will.


Start simple by trimming back any bushes or shrubs. Landscaping is very important. It adds simple beauty and serenity to the home environment. Pressure wash the driveway and sidewalk. This will give it a clean, new look which is much more appealing to the potential buyer.


Paint the front door and trim. Potential buyers will spend a few minutes at the front door while waiting for the realtor to open the lock box, so it is important for it to look new. Take down anything personalized, such as something with your family name on it. You want the buyer to see themselves in the home.


The Right Help


Hiring the wrong real estate agent is the easiest and one of the most disastrous mistakes a homeowner can make when selling their home. It’s vital to find the right person to match your needs, the knowledge of your neighborhood, and who has a good deal of experience. There are several things you should look out for when selecting a realtor.


If the agent suggests listing your home at the highest price, take caution in hiring them. By listing your home at the highest possible price, you prevent breathing room for demand and bidding. When selling your home, it is best to list it at 15 – 20% below it’s worth. In doing this you drive up the demand and allow potential buyers to bid for the home. This will drive it back up to it’s worth, and you not only sell faster, but get the value of your home, as well. A good real estate agent will know this.


Step Away from the iPhone


I know it is tempting to take your own photographs of the house, but I highly discourage it. Unless you are a professional photographer with all of the right equipment, leave it to the professionals. Simply taking pictures of your home with your iPhone just isn’t going to cut it.


Achieving the right lighting, spacial orientation, warmth, and atmosphere to draw in potential buyers is an art. By hiring someone who practices the delicate art of capturing the feeling of home, you are already ahead of the game. These photos don’t just show the potential buyer what the house looks like, but what it feels like. It is important that they evoke an emotional response.


If you do have the right equipment and feel that you can take your own photos, keep in mind that you are trying to capture the feeling of home, but not your home, the possibility of home, so remove all personal effects from view. Take clear, focused shots in warm lighting, giving the appearance of an inviting atmosphere. Check out different photography sites to get a good feel for angles and lighting.

Keep in mind that you aren’t selling just your home, but the idea of home to someone else. This is the biggest reason I suggest hiring a professional photographer. However, if you can see your home from an outside perspective, remove all personal effects from site, and see the home objectively, as well as have all the correct equipment, I do not see a problem

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