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Involvement in physical crude oil or gas has a well-known reputation of carrying significant risks and can be an extremely uncertain experience. Our wholesalers specialise in mitigating the risks apparent in oil exploration by drilling into already established oil fields. These are called development wells. The potential for returns may not be as attractive, but the risks are more manageable and are better suited to our clients. An improved understanding allows a more educated decision when assessing whether it is a risk that is suited to their profile and whether, it is one they believe will benefit them.

The wholesalers are not limited to a region when it comes to oil and gas development as existing exploration wells can be found around the globe. Business network allows for the seeking, researching, monitoring and subsequent evaluation of these existing wells.

Having global business relationships is essential to an approach to getting first-hand information as it happens and sharing that information, quickly and efficiently with the clients.

Conventional oil exploration regions in America include areas such as Texas, North Dakota and Alaska. Alternative areas of focus include states such as Illinois that have yielded great results for many decades. These are the types of regions that can provide rich avenues for the clients to exploit.

Despite 70 years of extraction, geologists’ consensual view is that up to as much as two thirds of reserves remain untouched. Science and more efficient technology enable oil companies in America to access remote areas in challenging geological conditions that were previously inaccessible. Not only can they drill with greater safety and efficiency, but they have a significantly lower impact on the environment too.The direct involvement of oil exploration projects is an under-served area for those who are willing and able to take the associated risks in exchange for the opportunity of aggressive growth. It is important to bridge the gap between key market players and those seeking such prospects.Establishing strategical work with valuable contacts that have successfully coordinated and managed these projects in the past is the primary goal. These factors combined together with essential technology and experienced workmanship provides the key to the successful running of such projects from start to finish. It is these contacts and their close, exclusive and valuable specialists that will visit, monitor and examine sites that are prime for oil and gas production possibilities.

The clients are aware of the press coverage relating to the strength of US oil markets. There have been clear headwinds in the US oil markets and this trend is expected to continue as reported by CNBC, Jan’13: “US to Overtake Saudi Arabia as Largest Oil Producer”.In their “Energy Outlook 2030” report, BP states that “growing production and moderating demand will result in the US becoming almost completely self-sufficient in 17 years’ time.” This prediction makes a steep uptick from 2005 when the nation was only 70% self-reliant in terms of its energy production.

The American Petroleum Institute (API) reported that oil production increased by 779,000 barrels per day, up 13.8% over the last year: this implies the largest annual increase in US history. Investors worldwide that had stakes in such drilling projects saw noticeable returns.

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